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The Asbury Park Housing Authority & the City of Asbury Park

One City.

Asbury Park.

An Unbounded Vision for the West Side Neighborhood

The West Side

will transform


A stable, mixed-income neighborhood.


  • Redevelop the West Side while preserving affordable housing.
  • Promote affordable homeownership in the West Side.
  • Support existing West Side renters and homeowners.
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People: Health

Active and supported residents.


  • Enhance access to quality health insurance and health care services, and improve communications and awareness between residents and health providers.
  • Prevent and manage disease through access to healthy food and physical activity.
  • Enhance substance abuse services.
  • Enhance dental care services.
  • Enhance mental health services.
  • Increase awareness of asthma causes and treatment and ensure access to medication.
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People: Youth

Engaged and poised for a bright future.


  • Enhance communication about existing programs available in the community.
  • Pursue opportunities for new spaces to conduct youth programming, both in new and existing facilities.
  • Ensure the neighborhood’s youth have a safe means of transportation to and from programs.
  • Promote positive alternative activities to get youth involved in meaningful hobbies.
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People: Education

Students and parents achieving success from Day 1.


  • Ensure access to high quality early childhood education.
  • Improve relationships and collaboration between educators, the community, and other local stakeholders.
  • Improve communication about local educational programs.
  • Connect middle and high school students to college and career opportunities.
  • Support students in achieving success.
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People: Employment & Economy

A comprehensive career pipeline.


  • Create and support an ecosystem whereby local residents are positioned for employment in meaningful careers with living wages.
  • Create an organization capable of connecting well-trained candidates with employers who have job openings with potential for advancement.
  • Develop commercial and retail space on Springwood Avenue to satisfy local demand and attract regional shoppers.
  • Attract and support commercial and retail businesses within the West Side Neighborhood.
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Neighborhood: Transportation & Complete Streets

A safe, multi-modal network.


  • Minimize physical barriers between the East Side of the city and the West Side.
  • Enhance public transportation options.
  • Implement Complete Streets elements in the West Side.
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Neighborhood: Placemaking

A revitalized Springwood Ave.


  • Reestablish Springwood Avenue as the physical center of the West Side community by creating commercial vibrancy and connecting people to the culture of the West Side.
  • Continue to demand high quality architecture and maintenance of buildings and the public realm.
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Neighborhood: Public Safety

A close-knit community working together.


  • Continue to improve relations between the community and the Asbury Park Police Department.
  • Improve neighborhood safety and reduce violent crime.
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Open A Branch Of The Asbury Park Library
Open a branch of the Asbury Park Library
Low-cost Safe Transportation Programs
Low-cost safe transportation programs
Provide Healthier Food
Provide healthier food
Encourage Alternative Modes Of Transportation
Encourage alternative modes of transportation
Increase The Number Of Spanish And Creole Speaking Outreach Staff
Increase the number of Spanish and Creole speaking outreach staff
Engage Parents Through Outreach And Partnerships
Engage parents through outreach and partnerships
Encourage Planting Of Native Plant Species In Vegetated Areas
Encourage planting of native plant species in vegetated areas
Improve Pedestrian Crossings At Railroad Tracks
Improve pedestrian crossings at railroad tracks
Expand The Asbury Park Police Cadet Youth Mentoring Program
Expand the Asbury Park Police Cadet youth mentoring program
Expand Re-entry Programs
Expand re-entry programs
K-12 School Partnerships
K-12 school partnerships
Security Upgrades At APHA Properties
Security upgrades at APHA properties
Police Substation In Washington Village
Police substation in Washington Village
Convert Vacant Lots Into Spaces Of Productive Activity
Convert vacant lots into spaces of productive activity
Update The Asbury Park Village Playground
Update the Asbury Park Village playground
Cops On Dots
Cops on Dots
Community Policing
Community Policing
Expand The Asbury Park Police Athletic League
Expand the Asbury Park Police Athletic League
Encourage Consistent Maintenance Of Streetscapes
Encourage consistent maintenance of streetscapes
Encourage Enhanced Stormwater Systems
Encourage enhanced stormwater systems
Create A Home Repair Incentives Program
Create a home repair incentives program
Encourage Continued Enhanced Property And Zoning Code Enforcement
Encourage continued enhanced property and zoning code enforcement
Community Street Tree Program
Community street tree program
Enhance Street Lighting Along Key Corridors
Enhance street lighting along key corridors
Ensure That Pedestrian Safety Amenities Are Adequate And Maintained
Ensure that pedestrian safety amenities are adequate and maintained
Enhance Amenities For Public Transit Riders
Enhance amenities for public transit riders
Wayfinding And Signage
Wayfinding and signage
Improve Bicycle Infrastructure
Improve bicycle infrastructure
Create A Community Mobility Project
Create a community mobility project
New Bus Stops In The West Side
New bus stops in the West Side
Redevelop The Asbury Park Municipal Plaza
Redevelop the Asbury Park municipal plaza
Improve The Rail Tunnel
Improve the rail tunnel
Unify The City Through A Robust Pedestrian And Bicycle Network
Unify the city through a robust pedestrian and bicycle network
Create An Art Park Near Springwood Ave
Create an art park near Springwood Ave
Create A Heritage Walk
Create a heritage walk
Continue To Bring Live Music Back To The West Side
Continue to bring live music back to the West Side
Community Supported Placemaking
Community Supported Placemaking
Infuse The Springwood Ave Corridor With Public Art
Infuse the Springwood Ave corridor with public art
Encourage West Side Business Owners To Get Involved
Encourage West Side business owners to get involved
Utilize Existing Incentives
Utilize existing incentives
Prioritize Commercial Activity In The West Side
Prioritize commercial activity in the West Side
Encourage Residents To Open Businesses
Encourage residents to open businesses
Allow Shared Parking
Allow shared parking
Create Places To Meet Up Along Springwood Avenue
Create places to meet up along Springwood Avenue
Develop The Intersection Of Memorial Drive And Springwood Ave
Develop the intersection of Memorial Drive and Springwood Ave
Create Support Systems
Create support systems
Identify And Engage A Team Of Stakeholders
Identify and engage a team of stakeholders
Create An Environment Of Coordination And Collaboration
Create an environment of coordination and collaboration
Create A Lead Employment Agency
Create a lead employment agency
Implement Career Advancement Programs
Implement career advancement programs
Create Opportunities For Youth Seeking Employment
Create opportunities for youth seeking employment
Focus On “skill Collar” Jobs
Focus on “skill collar” jobs
Re-brand Employment Training
Re-brand employment training
Design Programs For Workers To Meet Marketplace Needs
Design programs for workers to meet marketplace needs
Expand Anti-gang Programming
Expand anti-gang programming
Identify At-risk Youth
Identify at-risk youth
Build A Network Of Safe Transportation Options
Build a network of safe transportation options
Create Youth Program Space At Lincoln Village
Create youth program space at Lincoln Village
Better Utilize School Properties
Better utilize school properties
Explore Opportunities For Utilizing Existing Spaces
Explore opportunities for utilizing existing spaces
Advertise Low- Or No-cost Youth Programs
Advertise low- or no-cost youth programs
Expand Life Skills Training
Expand life skills training
Expand The PTO Program
Expand the PTO program
Expand Summer Programming
Expand summer programming
Create A Tech/ed Hub
Create a tech/ed hub
Provide High School Students With Hands-on Internships
Provide high school students with hands-on internships
Increase Awareness Of APSD Academies
Increase awareness of APSD Academies
Connect Students To The Vocational School District And Brookdale Community College
Connect students to the Vocational School District and Brookdale Community College
Create A New College And Career Pathways Program
Create a new college and career pathways program
Expand Community Outreach Events And Programs
Expand community outreach events and programs
Encourage Commercial Development Along Springwood Ave
Encourage commercial development along Springwood Ave
Enable Workers To Find Meaningful Jobs
Enable workers to find meaningful jobs
Develop A Comprehensive Communications Strategy
Develop a comprehensive communications strategy
Improve School-wide Communications
Improve school-wide communications
Expand Outreach For Adult Literacy, GED And ESL Programs
Expand outreach for adult literacy, GED and ESL programs
Enhance Partnerships Between APSD And The City Of Asbury Park
Enhance partnerships between APSD and the City of Asbury Park
Expand High Quality Preschool Programs
Expand high quality preschool programs
Ensure Easy Access To Asthma Medication And Treatment
Ensure easy access to asthma medication and treatment
Educate The Community About Asthma
Educate the community about asthma
Offer Targeted Services For PTSD/violence Survivors
Offer targeted services for PTSD/violence survivors
Offer Targeted Services For Seniors
Offer targeted services for seniors
Offer Targeted Services For Youth
Offer targeted services for youth
Assist Immigrants And Non-citizens
Assist immigrants and non-citizens
Increase Availability Of Dental Treatment
Increase availability of dental treatment
Educate The Community About The Narcan Program
Educate the community about the Narcan program
Change The Conversation About Substance Abuse
Change the conversation about substance abuse
Expand Opportunities For Physical Activity
Expand opportunities for physical activity
Expand Healthy Food Choices In The Neighborhood
Expand healthy food choices in the neighborhood
Spread Health Information Through The Mayor’s Wellness Committee
Spread health information through the Mayor’s Wellness Committee
Expand Health Screenings
Expand health screenings
Expand Health Insurance Enrollment
Expand health insurance enrollment
Develop Financial Assistance Programs And Loan Products To Assist Residents In Improving Their Homes
Develop financial assistance programs and loan products to assist residents in improving their homes
Expand Code Enforcement
Expand code enforcement
Develop Non-residential Programming As Part Of Lincoln Village Redevelopment
Develop non-residential programming as part of Lincoln Village redevelopment
Market Affordable Properties To West Side Residents
Market affordable properties to West Side residents
Develop A Comprehensive Homeownership Course
Develop a comprehensive homeownership course
Identify Positive Investors To Refurbish Affordable Homes
Identify positive investors to refurbish affordable homes
Manage And Rehabilitate Vacant And Abandoned Properties
Manage and rehabilitate vacant and abandoned properties
Construct The Parkview AP Residences
Construct the Parkview AP Residences
Rehabilitate Affordable Housing
Rehabilitate affordable housing
Leverage The Redeveloped Boston Way
Leverage the redeveloped Boston Way
Redevelop Lincoln Village
Redevelop Lincoln Village