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Develop more opportunities for restaurants and places to meet and gather along Springwood Avenue

A major concern for many years has been the lack of social spaces in the West Side. Many residents recall Springwood Ave decades ago when it was full of restaurants and music clubs. Encouraging the development of gathering places along the corridor will connect residents and visitors with each other and with the neighborhood’s past.

Supporting Data
businesses currently operate on Springwood Ave, compared to nearly 60 on Cookman Ave on the West Side
type of business desired is restaurants/cafes, second only to grocery store

Data from Springwood Ave development survey

Evidence-Based Research

“Creating sense of community: the role of public space”

Jacinta F. (2012). Journal of environmental psychology. Vol. 32 (4) pg 401-409


A strong sense of community has been associated with improved wellbeing, increased feelings of safety and security, participation in community affairs and civic responsibility. Although interest in how the broader built environment influences sense of community is gaining momentum, there is a dearth of empirical research examining the association between sense of community and the quality of public space. This study investigates the relationship between four public spaces – Public Open Space (POS), community centres, schools and shops – and sense of community in residents of new housing developments in the Perth metropolitan area, Western Australia. Data was obtained from a cross-sectional survey (n = 911), a POS audit, and Geographical Information Systems, and analyzed using linear regression. The perceived quality of neighborhood POS and shops was significantly and positively associated with sense of community. This relationship appears to be unaffected by how frequently people use these spaces. High quality public spaces may be important settings for enhancing sense of community within residents of new housing developments.

Evidence-based research was collected by Monmouth University

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