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Clearly communicate the availability of low- or no-cost youth programs

According to the needs assessment, many respondents said their children don’t participate in existing programs due to cost. However, there are a good number of programs that are free or very low-cost, and more clearly communicating their availability will enable more young people to engage in positive and fun activities.


Boys & Girls Club after-school program: $20 for the entire school year

Boys & Girls Club teen program: $10 for the entire year

APSD after-school program for upper elementary and middle school kids: free

Beat the Streets program for middle school kids: free

AP Recreation & Boys & Girls Club basketball league: $20 registration fee

Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program: free

KYDS programming: free

Ocean Family Success Center programming:  free

Asbury Park Recreation Summer Camps: Varies (some are free)

supporting data
of residents with children said cost was the major reason their children didn't participate in programs

Data from 2017 Needs Assessment

of residents say the biggest challenge for youth is not having enough to do after school

Data from 2017 Needs Assessment

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