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Transportation & Complete Streets


New Jersey Transit Village Program

  • Designation requires transit-oriented design standards for 1/2 mile radius around a transit station
  • Must include bike and pedestrian improvements
  • Transit Villages qualify for priority state funding and technical assistance
NJ Transit Rail Ridership

  • 2016 average weekday passenger boardings from Asbury Park station: 548
  • 78th in ridership out of 150 stops statewide
EZRide Transit Services

  • A public-private partnership providing innovative transportation services in Northern New Jersey
  • A major goal is to reduce traffic congestion and resulting air pollution from vehicle emissions
  • Low-cost services for car sharing, carpooling and shuttles are meant to convince commuters to stop driving alone to work every day
The Community Says

  • Bus service is lacking, particularly along Springwood Ave
  • The West Side is isolated from the rest of the city, both physically and in terms of communication and attention paid
  • Revitalization of Springwood Ave should include Complete Streets interventions and public art

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