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Enhance street lighting along key corridors including Asbury, Washington, and Bangs Avenues

Design interventions like enhanced street lighting can improve perceptions of safety and create “eyes on the street” after dark.

New street lighting was recently installed along Springwood Ave
Supporting Data
most desired safety measure is better street lighting

Data from 2017 Needs Assessment

of residents say they do not feel safe allowing their children to play outside

Data from 2017 Needs Assessment

evidence-based research

“The financial benefits of improved street lighting, based on crime reduction”

Painter, K.; Farrington, D. (2001). Lighting Research & Technology, 33(1) 03-12.


Two research projects were carried out to investigate the effects of improved street lighting on crime in Dudley and Stoke-on-Trent. In Dudley, crimes decreased by 41% in the experimental area, compared with a 15% decrease in a control area. In Stoke, crimes decreased by 43% in the experimental area and by 45% in two adjacent areas, compared with a decrease of only 2% in two control areas. In the two projects, the financial savings (from reduced crimes) exceeded the financial costs by between 2.4 and 10 times after one year. It is concluded that improved street lighting can be extremely cost-effective.

Evidence-based research was collected by Monmouth University

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