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Employment & Economy


Goal 1 Create and support an ecosystem whereby local residents are positioned for employment in meaningful careers with living wages in the local economy.


Goal 2 Create organization with reputation as an “honest broker” capable of connecting well-trained candidates for employment with employers who have job openings with potential for career advancement.


Goal 3 Develop commercial and retail space on Springwood Avenue to satisfy local demand and attract regional shoppers.


Goal 4 Attract and support commercial and retail businesses within the West Side Neighborhood.



Median Household Income
Employment Characteristics
...unemployment in Asbury Park compared to 6.5% in New Jersey.
...of Lincoln Village households do not have an employed adult.
Access to Childcare

Some parents are unable to work because of the daunting cost and complication of finding childcare.

The Community Says

  • Greater access to career and job training opportunities is extremely important to residents
  • Communication between employers and job-seekers is lacking
  • Springwood Ave needs both basic amenities and neighborhood shopping destinations, better bus service, and a walkable atmosphere
  • Job training resources are needed within closer proximity to residents
  • General economic opportunity is lagging in Asbury Park and the region

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