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How to Read This Plan

As you explore the plan’s goals and strategies, you will see that some strategies have special tags– “Early Action” and “Priority Action.” All strategies also have a timeframe associated with them, based on the magnitude and cost of the strategy.


Every strategy in the draft plan has a timeframe for implementation associated with it. Some strategies are labeled as “ongoing,” which means they will be happening on a constant basis after completion of the plan.

Short-term: 0-2 years

Medium-term: 2-5 years

Long-term: 5-7 years


The HUD grant includes funds for Early Action Activities, which are strategies that result in physical improvements to the neighborhood and can be undertaken before the planning process is complete. These items help create momentum for the plan and serve as concrete examples of positive change ahead of full implementation.


Priority Actions were identified by the West Side through a dot-voting exercise at a public meeting on November 28th, 2017, during which the draft plan’s goals and strategies were unveiled to the neighborhood.

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