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Local Schools

Asbury Park School District

  • Barack Obama Elementary
  • Bradley Elementary
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • MLK Jr. Middle School
  • Asbury Park High School

Other Local Schools

  • Hope Academy Charter School
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School
  • Sisters Academy
Educational Attainment

A relatively small number of residents have higher education degrees (college or masters), at 12.5% compared to 23.5% in New Jersey.

...of Asbury Park seniors graduated high school in 2015
New or Notable Programs

  • Build a Better Future literacy program
  • College & Career Readiness Program and Coach
  • Middle school curriculum themes of character, service, and leadership
  • Male role model outreach with fathers and local fraternities
The Community Says

  • Bridging the digital divide will make West Side students more competitive for jobs and education programs
  • Better connections to career and college programs are a priority for parents and students
  • Smaller class sizes are beneficial to the city’s students
  • Career readiness training would help students prepare for the future
  • After-school activities for children and youth are lacking

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