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Develop a comprehensive homeownership course that assists residents during and after the purchase of a home, and include a small grant for participants

Residents may not only need education on how to buy a home but also on the day-to-day of being a homeowner, including saving up for home repairs and annual maintenance. The program could also incorporate a small grant for home improvements.

Infill Units

Publicly owned vacant lots on Jersey St, the 1200 block of Washington Avenue, and the 1200 block of Mattison Avenue will provide six new units of affordable homeownership housing in the West Side. Typical units will feature elements found throughout the neighborhood to fit the character of the West Side. These include front porches, gabled roofs, and dormers. In response to historic and narrow lots, a longer rather than wider unit type will be developed.

Proposed homeownership opportunities
Key Map
Supporting Data
of renters say they would like to buy a home in the neighborhood

Data from 2016 Interfaith Neighbors survey

of renters say their personal financial situation is the major reason they have not bought a home

Data from 2016 Interfaith Neighbors survey

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