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Increase awareness of APSD Academies

Asbury Park High School has recently launched four Academies, or tracks, that allow students to focus on one of the following sectors: allied health, law & public safety, engineering, and college prep. The academies are designed to help students achieve immediate hire or further education.

Supporting Data
of residents expect their children to attend a four-year college after graduating

Data from 2017 Needs Assessment

of residents with high school age children were unaware of APSD Academies

Data from 2017 Needs Assessment

evidence-based research

“Career development in schools”

Solbery, V.S.; Howard, K.A.; Blustien, D.L.; Cloe, W. (2002) The Counseling Psychologist.


This article advocates for the collaboration of counseling psychologists with school counselors, other educators, and mental health professionals to enhance the career development of the nation’s children and youth. Drawing from the theory of developmental-contextualism, the authors describe how school-to-work programming in schools can be effectively designed to prepare youth to transition from school to work to life. They describe two collaborative school-based programs that build on counseling psychology’s commitment to integrative, theory-based interventions and to rigorous evaluation methods. The two programs presented, Achieving Success Identity Pathways (ASIP) and Tools for Tomorrow, were designed to enhance youth’s motivation for academic success and vocational development. A number of implications for training and research are described.

Evidence-based research was collected by Monmouth University

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