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Assist the immigrant and non-citizen populations in accessing available care via marketing and outreach

The availability of dental care services will be more effectively communicated to immigrant communities in order to increase their access to the care they need.

Supporting Data

Support for Immigrants

Major concern of Health Working Group

of residents say dental care isn't available in their neighborhood or are unsure if it is available

Data from 2017 Needs Assessment

evidence-based research

“Barriers to health care for undocumented immigrants: a literature review”

Hacker, K.; Anies, M.; Folb, B.; Zallman, L. (2015).


With the unprecedented international migration seen in recent years, policies that limit health care access have become prevalent. Barriers to health care for undocumented immigrants go beyond policy and range from financial limitations, to discrimination and fear of deportation. To address study questions, we conducted a literature review of published articles from the last 10 years in PubMed using three main concepts: immigrants, undocumented, and access to health care. With regard to barriers, we identified barriers in the policy arena focused on issues related to law and policy including limitations to access and type of health care. These varied widely across countries but ultimately impacted the type and amount of health care any undocumented immigrant could receive. Within the health system, barriers included bureaucratic obstacles including paperwork and registration systems. The alternative care available (safety net) was generally limited and overwhelmed. Finally, there was evidence of widespread discriminatory practices within the health care system itself. The individual level focused on the immigrant’s fear of deportation, stigma, and lack of capital (both social and financial) to obtain services. Recommendations identified in the papers reviewed included advocating for policy change to increase access to health care for undocumented immigrants, providing novel insurance options, expanding safety net services, training providers to better care for immigrant populations, and educating undocumented immigrants on navigating the system. There are numerous barriers to health care for undocumented immigrants. These vary by country and frequently change. Despite concerns that access to health care attracts immigrants, data demonstrates that people generally do not migrate to obtain health care. Solutions are needed that provide for non-citizens’ health care.

Evidence-based research was collected by Monmouth University

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