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Replace every public housing unit at Lincoln Village within mixed-income communities

The redevelopment of Lincoln Village will create 122 new housing units, 11,500 square feet of retail space, and 9,000 square feet of community space on the Springwood Avenue corridor. The plan was devised with input from the Housing Authority and the Asbury Park Choice Steering Committee.

The current Lincoln Village site will be rebuilt to have 80 units of housing. The new Lincoln Village will feature three story stacked flats and townhomes, a three story elevator building, an internal plaza, community space, and creative landscaping.

The elevator building will abut the Memorial Drive side of the site, which is a busier arterial road. The eastern side of the site is also closest to the NJ Transit transportation center, whose Transit Village Designation by the State of New Jersey lays the foundation for future mid-rise and mixed use development along that corridor. Housing along Memorial Drive will be protected with a green buffer. Stacked flats and townhomes on the Langford Street side will match the quieter residential quality of that street and would be an appropriate location for senior citizen residents.

Along Springwood Avenue, two new four story mixed use buildings will house 36 apartment units. These buildings will have ground floor retail, as well as community space at the intersection of Memorial and Springwood.

North of the primary housing sites, six homeownership units will be developed on city owned vacant land. New homeownership opportunities was a high priority for West Side residents, despite a relative lack of available vacant parcels in the neighborhood. City owned lots were identified in partnership with the City of Asbury Park.

Redevelopment Program: Housing Income Mix
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