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Expand re-entry programs to assist residents with prior records in finding stable employment

Many residents expressed that a prior record is a major challenge to West Side residents in finding gainful employment. Expanding re-entry programs will enable job seekers to surmount the challenges of their past and move forward.

Supporting Data
of residents say a criminal record or immigration status is a major employment barrier for West Side residents

Data from 2017 Needs Assessment

of West Side residents are unemployed

Data from U.S. Census

evidence-based research

“Transitional jobs programs putting employment-based re-entry programs into context”

Apel, R. (2011). Criminology & Public Policy, 10(4), 939-942.


This article focuses on transitional work programs as a promising avenue for employment-based reentry programs for former prisoners. It says that transitional work programs integrated job provision and search aid with skills training and other support services. It mentions that former prisoners have a dual focus on employment and employability. They offer temporary, subsidized work augmented by mentoring in the soft skills that can aid former convicts anticipate and fulfill workplace demands.

Evidence-based research was collected by Monmouth University

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