Analysis: Neighborhood

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[vcex_icon_box heading=”Transportation + Mobility” icon=”fa fa-car” heading_size=”20″ icon_color=”#00aeef”]Public transportation does not take residents where they need to go.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box heading=”Job Density and Transit Lines in Monmouth County” icon=”” heading_size=”18″ icon_color=”#00aeef”][/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box heading=”Transportation to Place of Work” icon=”” heading_size=”18″ icon_color=”#00aeef”][/vcex_icon_box]
  • Drive
  • Carpool
  • Walk
  • Other
  • Bus
  • Taxi or Uber
  • Train
  • Bike
[vcex_spacing size=”65px”][vcex_milestone number=”49″ caption=”…of respondents own a personal vehicle” classes=”glance” after=”%”]


[vcex_spacing size=”65px”][vcex_milestone number=”40″ caption=”…of respondents use a personal vehicle every day to go somewhere” classes=”glance” after=”%”][vcex_spacing size=”65px”][vcex_milestone number=”6.7″ decimals=”01″ caption=”…average distance to work” classes=”glance” after=” Miles”]
[vcex_milestone number=”25″ caption=”…of Jobs within the limits of Asbury Park are in Retail, Accommodation, and Food Services” classes=”glance” after=”%” css=”.vc_custom_1499807609324{margin-top: -120px !important;}”]
[vcex_milestone number=”61″ caption=”…of respondents work in Asbury Park or Neptune City” classes=”glance” after=”%”]
[vcex_icon_box heading=”Public Safety” icon=”fa fa-lock” heading_size=”20″ icon_color=”#00aeef”]Perception of safety in the neighborhood differs by population segment. In general most adults feel safe but have concerns for their children.Residents are eager to contribute to creating a safer community and have many ideas for ways to improve the neighborhood.[/vcex_icon_box][vcex_spacing size=”65px”][vcex_milestone number=”85″ caption=”…of respondents want to ‘be involved to make my neighborhood safer'” classes=”glance” after=”%”]


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Perceptions of Police + Safety

[vcex_milestone number=”50″ caption=”of respondents agree with the statement ‘I feel safe allowing my children to play outside'” classes=”glance” before=”<” after=”%”]


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[vcex_milestone number=”50″ caption=”of respondents agree with the statement ‘When people in my neighborhood call the police, they come right away'” classes=”glance” before=”~” after=”%”]


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[vcex_icon_box heading=”Communication + Amenities” icon=”fa fa-volume-control-phone” heading_size=”20″ icon_color=”#00aeef”]Residents are often unaware or lacking information regarding the many community programs available to them.[/vcex_icon_box][vcex_spacing size=”65px”]


[vcex_milestone number=”80″ caption=”…of respondents were aware but not participating in, or unaware of the community organizations currently operating in Asbury Park listed in the survey.” classes=”glance” after=”%”]
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[vcex_milestone number=”1″ caption=”Word of Mouth” classes=”glance” before=”#”]
[vcex_milestone number=”2″ caption=”Places of Worship” classes=”glance” before=”#”]
[vcex_milestone number=”3″ caption=”Newsletters + Community Spaces” classes=”glance” before=”#”]
[vcex_spacing size=”25px”][vcex_icon_box heading=”Least common methods for receiving information about the community” icon=”” heading_size=”16″][/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_milestone number=”1″ caption=”Robocalls/Texts” classes=”glance” before=”#”]
[vcex_milestone number=”2″ caption=”City Website” classes=”glance” before=”#”]
[vcex_milestone number=”3″ caption=”Social Media” classes=”glance” before=”#”]
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Local Amenities

[vcex_milestone number=”95″ caption=”…of respondents believe the following activity spaces are somewhat or definitely needed in the neighborhood: Playground/tot lot, athletics playfields, walking/running trails, neighborhood parks, and community gardens” classes=”glance” after=”%” caption_size=”16″]


[vcex_milestone number=”86″ caption=”…of respondents think public art is important to a community’s quality of life and identity” classes=”glance” after=”%”]